Know your blood pressure level

Know your blood pressure level

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Keep track of your blood pressure daily.

Get valuable insights from your blood pressure level. Observe for changes by checking your blood pressure at least thrice a day.

Main Features
dailyplus blood pressure checker app


The app monitors your blood pressure using your smartphone.


After a few swipes and clicks, you can start checking for your blood pressure.

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dailyplus blood pressure checking app

Fast Results

It takes a few seconds to extract your blood pressure using the app so don’t worry we will not keep you waiting.


Yes, it is free for download. You don’t need to sign up to get started.

Once recording the video has started it scans the video frames and extracts both the raw Photoplethysmography/ Ballistocardiography information and the filtered signal to run through the layers and AI algorithms in DOCSUN AI Engine to monitor the physiological parameters.

You can use the app three times per day. If you want more and to view your daily and monthly blood pressure level please click the history button and purchase our premium version.

Please subscribe to our premium version. Once you buy blood pressure monitor app you’ll be able to save your results easily.

According to World Health Organization, normal adult blood pressure is 120 mm Hg when the heart beats (systolic) and a blood pressure of 80 mm Hg when the heart relaxes (diastolic). If the systolic blood pressure is equal to or above 140 mm Hg and/or a diastolic blood pressure equal to or above 90 mm Hg the blood pressure is considered to be raised or high.


* Daily+ is for personal monitoring purposes only, not for medical use. If you experience discomfort related to your health, please seek medical attention immediately.
* The user’s video preview images used in the app won’t be stored either locally or on the cloud.