Check your heart rate conveniently

Check your heart rate conveniently

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Monitor your heart rate and get valuable information on your heart health.

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Non-Contact & Non-Invasive

Checks heart rate just like taking a selfie.

Fast Check

The AI system processes the video in real-time. In just a few seconds, you can see your results and use this heart rate data for self-monitoring. You don’t have to worry about your phone battery life since the app is well optimized for your device. 

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The app does not require additional hardware. It has an intuitive design that allows you to easily navigate through the app. 

Heart Rate Monitor


Daily+ Heart Rate is a mobile application available for anyone who wants to monitor their heart rate. It is a video-based application that can help you check your heart rate in just a few seconds.

It analyzes the video frames and extracts both the raw iPPG/iBCG information and the filtered signal to run through the layers and algorithms in Docsun AI Engine to monitor the physiological parameters.

A user can use it three times per day. A subscriber can use it unlimited times.

According to World Health Organisation, a normal resting heart rate is from 60 to 100 beats per minute but a lower heart rate at rest indicates more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness.

You can easily estimate your maximum heart rate based on your age. Here is how to estimate your maximum age-related heart rate, according to CDC. Subtract your age from 220. For example, for a 50-year-old person, the estimated maximum age-related heart rate would be calculated as 220 – 50 years = 170 beats per minute (bpm).

Heart rate zones, or HR zones, are a method to monitor how hard you’re training. There are five heart rate zones that are based on the intensity of training with regard to your maximum heart rate. When exercising, a great percentage of calories burned are fat.


* Daily+ is for personal monitoring purposes only, not for medical use. If you experience discomfort related to your health, please seek medical attention immediately.
* The user’s video preview images used in the app won’t be stored either locally or on the cloud.