Monitor your stress level

Monitor your stress level

Manage your stress. Monitor it daily.

Manage your stress. Monitor it daily.

Main Features

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Monitors Stress Level

The app can help you check your current stress level using your smartphone.

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Fast and Easy

In less than one minute, you will know your current stress level.

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All you need is your phone and install the app. No extra devices are needed.

How to Use


  • It provides valuable insights into your stress level to help you manage your stress.
  • It is easy to use. Once you open the app after a few clicks and swipes you can start monitoring your stress level.
  • No sign up needed.
  • You can see your results after a few seconds.

Yes, it requires an internet connection to use the app.

Find a white wall as the background and be under ambient lighting for better scan quality. Remove accessories from your face, and keep your facial and eye features visible to the front camera.

Please be still, like a statue. If you are wearing a mask, lower your mask to the nose to reveal detection regions. Please avoid blinking. Use selfie mode. Look at the camera and keep your eyes open. Lastly, relax and breathe normally.

You can see your results history if you subscribe to our premium version.