Docsun AI SDK

We license our AI engine as an SDK for developers and corporations to integrate into their own applications. The vital sign detection features can be easily and quickly added to new or existing products, no matter it’s a web, desktop, mobile, or embedded form of application.

If you are interested in our SDK, feel free to request a trial:

Mobile version Google play

To be released soon.

Why Docsun AI SDK

Leverage the latest AI technology to detect vital signs including following

Can focus on your product features after collecting the detection result from the SDK, such as:

  • Save to your database
  • Send notification to the user or management
  • Upload data to your cloud
  • Show statistics or graph
  • Anything you name it…
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How easy can it be to integrate?

1 Add a WebView component to your application.

2 Modify the code DONE! to show or hide the UI and input your SDK credential.

3 Utilize our 1-line SDK code to implement detection and vital signs in your applications


What platform can the SDK be running on?

The SDK is designed as a WebView version, so it can be run on any OS supporting web browsing:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS / iOS
  • Linux-based (ex: Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, etc)
  • Android & ASOP
  • Embedded Linux and Linux development kits